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Undressed Lips – One Of Springs Hottest Trends

Listen up our lovely ladies. As we all know; bold, brightand dramatic lip color looks absolutely stunning and definitely makes a statement. However, nude opaque flesh tones can look just as stunning are on trend this Spring. Today we want to give you a few pointers as to how you can acheive that gorgeous nude lip like Ciara has pictured above.

Step 1 – Prep
You want to make sure you remove all dead and dry skin from your lips by using a moisturizing exfoliator.

Step 2 – Prime
Apply a tiny bit of concealer on your lips to ensure that remove and pink or red tones from your lips.

Step 3 – Line
Choose a nude lip liner and line your natural lip line. Then use a lip brush to gently stroke the liner toward the middle of your lips.

Step 4 – Layer
Apply a nude, matte lipstick until lips are covered.

Step 5 – Perfect
Tap on a tab bit of transluscent powder to help set and hold color on your lips.


Follow these 5 easy steps and you can have that perfect nude, fleash tone lip look like Kim Kardashian has pictured above. Choose your favorite opaque color and get to work. Try it out and let us know what you think of this look.

We give Fleshtone Lips a SMOOCH!

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