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Fashion Week Hair Trends

Since Fashion Week is here We Kiss and Wink want to keep you up to date with all the latest trends. Today we are featuring some of the Hair Trends seen on the Runways. Keep reading to see some of the hottest styles.

Hair That Glistens

This is probably one of the easiest hair looks on the Runway. The wet, barely towel dried look is seen at many shows. It gives the look of youthful innocence, but still glamorous.

All About The Ponytail

The classic Ponytail is ALWAYS a big hit on the runway and this year is no different. The ponytail is such a versatile hairstyle. It can be worn low or high, loose or tight and can even be split into multiple ponytails as seen on the model above.

Feminine Urban Wave

This year it’s not about the beachy wave its all about the Urban Bend ( a loose effortless curve in the hair). To acheive this look you need a blow dryer, extremely loose curls and then you just comb through with your fingers.

Updos With Embellishments

Hair off the face and neck is a huge hit on the runway. It allows you to show off your beautiful face. This year the updo’s were given some edge with different embellishment peices. Toss your hair up and add some pizzaz with anything that catches your eye.

Va Va Volume

This season designers were all about Big, bouncy blowouts as seen on the model above. Very Retro. This look is light, gorgeous and extremely ellegant. The right mouse and over sized rollers will get you this look.

Twist and Braids

Hair twist and Braids are fun and super trendy. This style is graceful and ellegant while it is also a playful way to expose your face and neck.

These are the top 5 hottest hair trends we are seeing on the runway. All of these looks are easy to acheive and are even perfect for your everyday look. Try some of these looks out and let us know what you think.

We give New York Fashion Week’s Hair Trends a SMOOCH!!!

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