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Deep Intense Eye Shadow Pigments

Some days you are feeling bold, daring and extra sexy and you want your eyes to reveal just how you are feeling and that is when MAC  Pigments come into the picture. We absolutely love MAC and these deep intense  pigments are one reason why. We love to use them on our eyes and we are going to tell you all about them as well as a few keys to using them correctly.
MAC Pigments
Mac Pigments are sold in over 25 colors, so you are bound to find one that is the perfect color for your evening out on the town.
Keys to using MAC pigments
Mac pigments are a loose poweder consistency, so in order for them to stick to your eye lids you need a base. You may use Mac Paints or Mac Paint Pots for your base, we will get into those in another post as well.

  1. Apply your base to your eyelid(MAC Paint Pots or MAC paints)
  2. It is easier to take a bit of the pigment and place it into the lid, and work with that amount than to try to dip your brush into the whole container.
  3. Using a stiff eyeshadow brush apply your MAC Pigments.
  4. Remember to use the shape of your individual eye to create the right look for you. Blend as you desire with Mac Eyeshadows and Pigments to allow your eyes to stand out.
  5. You can also wet the brush then dip into the pigments for a even more intense shade.
4.5g/0.15 oz $20

Locate at a MAC cosmetic counter near you or shop

Never be afraid to step out of your daily routine and try something different. Make up is a away to enhance your natural beauty and we believe that is never a bad thing.

We love Mac Pigments stop by a MAC counter today they would love to help you with your blending and application techniques.

We give MAC pigments a Smooch.

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