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Haircuts Trending for Men this Fall/Winter

We can not stress enough how important it is for men to also take care of themselves and we are talking about from head to toe. Today we are concentrating mainly on the head part because we are talking all about you hair. We absolutely melt when we see a man with amazing hair, whether it’s long or short it can definitely still be neat. We are showing you some amazing hairstyles just for fall and winter, so you are definitely not going to want to miss this post. We hope you know by now that we (kiss and wink) are not going to leave you with just the basics we are going to also tell you just how to ask for your special haircut by description this fall/winter. Don’t miss out on this handsome man edition of keys2beauties.

You have to try this fohawk with ear length side burns, we love the edginess of this cut. Have your stylist scissor cut the sides for a smoother look or if you like the ease of clipper cuts have your stylist use a number 3 or 4. He or she will know what we are talking about.

A clean cut fade will never go out of style, he looks soo handsome.

We love this scissor cut Cesar. Leave the top and sides long so that you have something to work with while styling it.

Another stallion with a handsome fade.Try leaving the top a little longer so that you can allow your waves to come alive.

A long mowhawk, need we say more. This is so edgy yet as you can see you can comb it to the side with a business attire and be ready for your 8-5 as well. This is a perfect example of rough but clearly handsome and manly at the same time.
Man don’t be scared to if you are Team Edward we definitely won’t tell anyone. We absolutely love this hair cut. Scissor cut with side burns. Tell your stylist that you want the sides about 3/4 of an inch long blended up and long on the top, so that you can have the messy look.

Be bold yet still extremely handsome this Fall in this fade with a design. Depending on your profession you may be able to definitelyy pull this off. If not try it for a special weekend it will always grow back.
Same thing goes for our secret team Jacob readers we adore this haircut. Have your stylist scissor cut your hair with a lot of texture so that your can wear it spiky when you want to.
Men we never forget about you, keep reading more blogs to come. We hope that you have found some new ideas for Fall. Remember that women melt when a guy cares about his appearance.

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