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Glowing Skin Mineral Foundation

How many of you want a make up that looks like your natural skin? If you are like us you definitely do, and we have found an amazing one for you. We love Bobbi Brown cosmetics and her new mineral makeup is no different. Bobbi Brown prides herself in creating make up that doesn’t look like make up and that is why we love it. We want to tell you all about this new flawless skin mineral makeup.
Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup
The texture of the mineral make up is smooth and fine. The ingredients include vitamins, skin softeners, and long wearing ingredients. What is also great about this mineral make up is that it has a SPF of 15 and we know that means that it prevents sun rays from penetrating the skin which can cause sun spots and wrinkles. It goes on smooth to leave your skin looking and feeling light, smooth, and of course flawless
  • You should apply to the nose and blend outwards exactly where you need it
0.2 oz $38
Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora
If you want flawless skin, but don’t want your makeup to be noticeable than Bobbi Brown mineral foundation is for you. We love Bobbi Brown and reviews on this mineral makeup are outstanding. 
We give Bobbi Brown mineral foundation a Smooch
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