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Anti – Humidity Hairspray

Tangles! Not fun, especially not for your children. There is nothing fun about having to rip through your childs hair after washing it just to comb it out. It’s fussing and fighting everytime, and we know you don’t want to hurt your childs head. So, today we have the perfect detangler for your children. It works, it smells good and it can be used on all types of hair.

    Circle Of Friends Bonita’s Banana Detangler

Bonitas Banana Detangler is a detangler that was made for ALL hair types. It works wonders on both wet and dry hair. This detangler helps you to maintain maneageability, boost shine, detangles, leaves hair static free, and even prevents brittleness and breakage.

Directions: Shake the bottle well and spray through hair. Comb detangler from roots to ends. Do not rinse prodcut.

Location: & Ulta Beauty

Price: $10.00

No more tangles! This is an easy to use detangler that the kids will love. It has a great smell and is sure to leaves your babies hair soft and manageable. Check it out. We want to hear what you think.

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