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Don’t Let Hands Suffer In This Harsh Winter Weather

With the winter months quickly approaching it’s time to prepare for dryer months. Dryer and colder weather means our skin needs extra moisture. Our hands in particular seem to dry out the most. They tend to be dry, scaly and flacky. They can actually become so dry that they crack and peel which can be quite painful. So during these cold winter months we suggest a thicker cream for your hands. Let us tell you about this great cream that is perfect to keep your hands hydrated and pretty through these winter months. 

        Glysolid Glycerin Cream For The Skin

                                                Glycerin Skin Cream

Glysolid Glycerin Cream for the skin is formulated with Glycerin and Allantoin is designed to treat sensitive, stressed and damaged skin.

Glycerin: is a skin softener and keeps skin cells supple and flexible.

Allantoin: Stimulates skin cell regeneration and the healing of small injuries, nicks, scrapes and minor burns


Glysolid works to restore the natural beauty of the skin while softening it. It is made without preservatives and perfumes. Glysolid is compatible for all skin types. It protects, calms and smoothes the skin while also providing rapid relief to irritated skin.

Location: Ulta Beauty and

Price: $8.95

Give your parched hands some relief with Glysolid. Use this product daily and you will have no problems keeping your hands pretty all through out the dryer months. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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