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Cleanse And Tone At The Same Time


Cleansing your face and washing away makeup and impurities is key to having good skin and should be done on a daily basis. When we cleanse our face we strip it of it’s natural oils and ph balance. After we cleanse it is recommended that we use a toner to add those ph levels back to the face. We want to introduce to you a product that cleanses and tones at the same time by Yves Saint Laurent.

YSL Toning & Cleansing Micellar Water quickly and effectively dissolves makeup, hydrates and softnes the skin and reveals a radiant gorgeous complexion.


How it works: this toner/cleanser dissolves makeup and impurities while it works overtime to preserve your skins natural lipids. Formulated with glycerin, the Micellar Water hydrates the skin for a soft, supple moisturized feeling. It also contains Kombucha which detoxifies and energizes the skin to reveal radiant, luminous skin.

How to use: Apply to face by using a cotton pad to dissolve makeup and remove impurities.


Location: YSL counter of your local department store, Ulta Beauty and Sephora.

Price: $40.00 – 6.7oz

Reveal your most beautiful skin to the world with this luxurious cleanser/toner by YSL. Treat your skin to this amazing and effective cleanser and see the difference in your skin after just one wash. Try it out and let us know what you think.

We give Micellar Water a SMOOCH!

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