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Your Face Shape And Earrings

As woman earrings can make us look more charming and attractive. There are earrings for every occasion and every woman. Since earrings are so close to the face it is important that we choose some that compliment our face shape. So today we are going to help you identify what kind of earrings best suit your face shape.

             How to choose earrings
First you need to identify what shape face you have in order to see what earrings compliment your face the best. What will enhance your best features, the cut and color of your hair, your skin tone, your size and the clothes you are wearing are all things to consider.

Round Face

If you have a round face, you are better off with lean, long angular shapes. They will elongate and add a little angle to your face.

Oval Face

The oval face shape is a classic shape that will work wit just about any style of earring. So have fun and experiment with different styles to see what looks best with your face. Try everything from studs to dangling earrings.

Heart-Shaped Face

Try earrings that are wider at the bottom like tear drops, chandelier, and triangular earrings that begin with a point. Try to avoid very short heart shaped earrings.

Square Face

Look for earrings with a round or angular edge because they will help soften a square face. As long as you are avoiding harsh angles and square shapes you can wear just about anything.

Long or Thin Face

Simple studs and chandelier earrings best suit a long thin face. Three dimensional earrings add fullness to your face. Avoid flat or overly long dangling earrings.

Diamond Face

Short wide earrings are your best bet. A straight line and curves combination will also work well. Avoid long and ultra thin earring styles.

Triangular Face

Triangular faces need earrings that will soften sharp angles. Large ovals or small circular earrings work really well for triangular face shapes. Avoid earrings that come to a point.

Now all you need to do is figure out your face shape so you can determine what type of earring looks best on you! With these tips you can now enhance your beautiful face with the right earrings.

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