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It is time to rewind your wrinkles today with Zeno Line Rewind. It a completely non invasive, gentle, two part system that even dermatologist recommend. Dermatologist everywhere are saying that this is an extremely effective system. We are always looking for more budget friendly, but effective ways to keep are skin looking luminous and today we have found just that. We want to tell you all about Zeno line rewind.
Zeno Line Rewind Wrinkle Reduction Kit
This kit not only contains a wrinkle diminishing serum, but it also includes a hand held device that not only vibrates to allow the blood to circulate, but it also soothes with heat and red LED technology. What we really love about it, is that it is enriched with resveratrol, a mega antioxidant which supports collagen structure for younger looking skin.  The wrinkle diminishing serum will also increase cell turnover and the hyaluronic acid provides long lasting moisture for overworked skin.

1.Apply a very thin layer of of the Zeno wrinkle reduction serum to your entire face including neck on clean skin
2. Turn the Device on allow it to warm up and gently massage over entire face and neck avoiding your eyes, but make sure to target crows feet.
3.Tap the device button two times firmly to turn off, but do not wipe off serum.
4. Continue with your daily skin routine.

Price for Entire KitU.S. $40.00
Ulta Beauty, CVS, Walgreens
If you are like us and like to take the dermatologist home with you than Zeno skin rewind is the perfect kit for you.
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