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Vibrant Eyes

Nothing brings out your eyes more beautifully than a vibrant eye look. Most of us all like colors, so what better way to make your eyes stand out than by using your favorite colors on your eyes. Today we want to share with you all 5 steps that will get you that vibrant eye look.

To get started you will want to choose an eyeshdow quad of your favorite vibrant eyeshadow colors.

Step 1: Build a base
Find the base shade in your eyeshadow pallet and pat it all over the lid with an eyeshadow brush.

Step 2: Make it Vibrant
Find the most vibrant color in your eye shadw pallet and pat it on with a brush all the way to the crease of your eye. Pat it on versus brushing it on to heighten the intensity.

Step 3: Light it up  
Find the crease shade and with a small angled brush apply it to the lower lash line moving from the inner eye outwards.

Step 4: Compare and Contrast
For a heightened contrast use an intense cream or pencil liner to line your eyes. Work from the outside inwards and then line the waterline of your eye.

Step 5: Ignite the Vibrant Look
For the ultimate vibrant look, finish off your eyes with your favorite mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.


This is such a fun and easy look to create. Vibrant eyes are definitely what’s hot right now. Most eye shadow pallets give you directions as to which colors are to be applied where.


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