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How To Apply Winged Eyeliner And Rock Stunning Eyes


Winged eyeliner is huge this season and was seen worn by many models during Fashion Week. Winged Liner defines those gorgeous eyes and makes a bold and daring statement. There are many different winged liner looks. Some extremely dramatic while others are more subtle. If you are looking to have a more exoctic look you should definitely try rocking the winged eyeliner look. It’s fun and can change your appearance with the stroke of the liner. Although the  winged eyeliner looks amazing it can be quite tricky to apply. In this case practice makes perfect. But we are hear to give you a few helpful steps to help you acheive the winged eyeliner look yourself. So keep reading and try it out!

                           Define And Shape Your Eyes

Step 1: Prep your eyes with an eyeshadow base or an eyelid
concealer to hold your shadow and liner in place.

Step 2: Define by lifting the lids and exposing the roots of the lashes and apply a deep colored pencil in between lashes using wiggle like strokes.

Step 3: For a smokey liner look line with a pencil or a cream and use short strokes on the upper lash line and blend edges. For a thicker smokey liner effect you can use a shadow pencil. To acheive the cat eye winged effect, then connect the ends of the tails to the center of the lash lines forming a triangle and fill in.

Step 4: Finish the look by applying 2-3 coats of mascara.


Check out this link to see a visual on how to apply and acheive the winged eyeliner look

  Make your winged liner really pop by using bold colors.

Ladies it’s time to make a statement with your beautiful eyes. Have some fun with the winged liner. Go subtle or be dramatic and even throw some color in there. Try it out and let us know what you think of the look.


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