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Meet Mister Right…Givenchy That Is


Every girl wants to meet Mister Right! Givenchy knows that. That is why Givenchy has created a line a with a perfect Mister for all of us. Mister Light brightens and tightens, while Mister Mat keeps you shine free. Mister radiant give a sun-kissed glow and Mister Eyebrow keeps our eyebrows neatly in place. Keep reading to see all the amazing products in the Mister Right collection.

Mister Lights Corrective Pen
Instantly brightens tired and fatigued skin.

                                                        Mister Radiant
                                                        Gives a fresh and light glow

Mister Mat Mattufying Foundation Primer
Control shine without drying out skin.

                                               Mister Bright Touch of Light Pen
                                               Conceals and highlights to illuminate skin

Mister Eyebrow – Fixing Pen
Holds eyebrows in place all day

Location: you can find Givenvhy Mister Right Collection at the Givenchy counter of your local department store and Sephora.

Check out Givenchy’s Mister Right collection. They have created something to meet everyones needs. Let us know what you think and how well the products work for you.

We give Givenchy Mister Right a Smooch.

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