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The World’s Most Perfect Coat Of Mascara


So must of us ladies struggle daily with one or more mascara related issues such as smudging, running, smearing, flaking, clumping as well as the time factor of applying and reapplying. So what if we told you that you coul have lush, full and dark lashes without applying mascara? Well my lovely ladies you can. There is a new trend out there that gives you those coveted eyelashes and it’s called Lash Dip. You may be asking yourself, what is Lash Dip? Well keep reading and We will give you the scoop.

Lash Dip is an innovative cosmetic application that semi permamantely tints your lashes for up to 6 weeks leaving them gorgeous and sculpted all day and night.




You can now say goodbye to the daily struggle of applying mascara. Lash Dip goes beyond the most perfect coat of mascara to give you bold color and lash enhancement with out the hassle. Don’t worry about getting your lashes wet or sweating because your lashes will never run or smear with Lash Dip.

                 The Lash Dip Promise


                   Lasting lift and creates curve

                            Sculpts lashes

                          Separates lashes

            Increase lash volume and extend length

Location: Take the following link to find a salon near you that offers Lash Dip services

         Lash Dip is slow maintenance and high style.

       Long, dark, full lashes are the hottest trend on the
                           beauty scene right now.

Ladies, no more makeup remover, no more mess, no more raccoon eyes. Just gorgeous, sculpted lashes that last all day and night. If you live a fast paced life and the less you have to do to maintain your appearance the better; then you are the perfect candidate for Lash Dip. Visit to learn more about this cosmetic enhancement.

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