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Hottest Spring/Summer Hair Colors Trends 2012, Wow

Its almost spring/summer time ladies which means the sun will soon be out and shining on your gorgeous hair. Everyone know that the sun is attracted to darker colors, so to stay cooler and to look radiant whats in for the summer is lighter shades. Never be afraid to switch it up and go lighter, you might be shocked at first, but after all the compliments we know that you will eventually fall in love. Today we are going to show you some of the hottest hair color trends for summer. We hope you are ready gorgeous.
Go lighter around your face with carmel highlights for a softer cooler luminous look

You have to love the beautiful strawberry medium blonde

Make your skin look luminous and take the ash out with more yellow undertones for this beautiful golden blonde

Be bold and daring with platinum blonde

Show your edgy creative side with platinum blonde and grey highlights around your face

Lighten your bangs up a bit with a bold color such as blue, chic, unique, and beautiful

We adore this light golden blonde let your roots grow out a little bit, its okay

Golden medium blonde low lights with platinum blonde highlights. You will look radiant

Carmel blonde color all over will make your skin glow
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Don’t be afraid to go lighter this spring/summer 2012. We promise that you will love it. Coloring your hair is an art, so if you are unsure leave it to the professionals. Color correction is much more expensive than doing it right the first time. Send us a picture of your summer ready hair color so we can feature it on our blog. We love hearing from you.

We give Spring/Summer2012 hair colors a Smooch.
Our Keys:
Bargain-Three Winks
Expensive but worth it-2Kisses and a Wink
We don’t like it- Frown

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…Ecclesiastes 9:10

Signed Kiss and Wink

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