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Sun Protection For Your Face

It’s that time of year again! Time to head to the beach and the pools. It’s always fun to relax in the water, but it can have harmful and painful effects to your skin. We should always be using some form of sunblock. Some of these sumblocks tend to clog our pores and cause our face to breakout or have some sort of reaction. Well not to worry because we are going to share with you an oil-free, non pore clogging sunblock that will protect your face without any side effects.

Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil-free Lotion SPF 15
                   Sunscreen Care Oil-Free Lotion SPF 15

Clarins sunscreen lotion gives you moderate protection from the harmful UV Rays of the sun. It is a sheer spray on formula that goes on smoothly and leaves no sticky, greasy after feelings. It is formulated with soothing botanicals and extracts that are excellent for your skin.


Directions: Apply sunscreen liberally to body before sun exposure. Reapply as needed after swimming.

Location: Ulta Beauty, Clarins counter at your local department store and Sephora

Price: $32.00

Make sure you are protecting your skin this season with sunblick. This Clarins is the perfect sunscreen and will keep you from burning as well as help keep your skin looking and feeling amazing.

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