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Twist, Mold, Shape Your Hair

If you are looking to mold, shape, or style your hair today then we have the perfect product for you. This product comes from a brand that never ceases to amaze us. This product is so great because it doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl, you can still use it. For guys, if you like that short,spiky, messy look this is for you. For girls, If you want to slick your hair back, braid it, twist it, or wear it short and spiky this product is for you. We bet you are wondering just what we are talking about and today it’s all about Paul Mitchell’s ESP or Elastic Shaping Paste.

PAUL MITCHELL Elastic Shaping Paste

This product will hold your hair into place without making it stiff, hard, or dry. Never worry about your master piece blowing in the wind with ESP. Have you ever applied a product, styled your hair only to not like it? Your hair was so hard you couldn’t try to restyle it so you had to wash it and start over. Well, you never have to worry about that with ESP because it gives you a flexible hold. If you don’t like it, just simply restyle it until you reach your desired look.

Looks You can Achieve With ESP

U.S. $12

Location or shop the professional beauty section of your favorite grocery store. Stylist pick this product up at a Armstrong Mccall Near you.

If a flexible hold is what you are looking for without the drying effect than this product is definitely what you need. Try one of the looks above and let us know what it did for you.

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