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Give Those Lashes A Boost

Our eyelashes need nourishment and condition just like hair on our head does. Our lashes can become weak and brittle causing them to break off which is why it is important that we use some form of lash conditioner/fortifier. Most of us ladies want long, luscious, gorgeous lashes right? When your eyelashes look good your entire face light’s up. With that being said we have a mascara/lash boosting fortifying primer that we want to share with you all. So keep reading to see how you can have healthy, nourished, lengthy, stunning eyelashes.

Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara is a two part masacara that provides longer, lusher lashes.

Step 1: Lash Boosting Primer is serum infused to boost lash condition. It is formulated with a pro-keratin complex that fortifies lashes and maximizes their appearance.

Step 2: Ultra-lengthening mascara topcoat  coats and lengthens lashes instantly for up to 80% longer, clump free lashes.


           Panthenol and Ceramide – boost lash health
             Arginine – reinforces and protects lashes
             Centella Asiatica – helps condition lashes

How to use: Place the primer brush at the base of lashes and sweep up to the tip of lashes. Follow with the Ultra-lengthening mascara topcoat.

Location: HEB, Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens

Price: $12.99

     Get long, luscious, gorgeous lashes with L’oreal Double Extend Mascara.


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