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Eyes, Face, Body, Lips Instant Glamour Stick

Hello gorgeous, we (Kiss and Wink) know that everyday we don’t feel as amazing as we should and on those days we need an extra boost of glamour.When you think of a highlighter I hope you think of a object that emphasizes the important parts of what you are reading or writing. Well,guess what beautiful, a make up highlighter can do the same thing for your cheek bones, face,and your wonderful body. We found a stick that is going to do much more for you today and it is call The Multiple by Nars. The multiple is so outstanding because it has multi-purposes. Have you ever wanted a product you can use on your eyes, cheeks, lips, and all over? If you have ever wanted a multi-purpose stick, you have to keep reading because we are going to tell you all about your dream that came true.

The Multiple by Nars
This product goes on smooth with a texture that is creamy you are going to love the way this feels all over your body.

The many uses of the Multiple by Nars

v  Use this amazing stick to contour areas of your face that you want to make stand out or appear smaller.
v  Accentuate your best features for example your cheekbones by using this stick as a highlighter.
v  Blend a little on your arms, shoulders, and chest when you feel the need for shimmer.
The Multiple by Nars How to Apply
   Using the natural temperature of your fingers apply a small amount to the areas that you would like to contour, highlight, or accentuate.
13 shimmer perfect shades for you to choose from.
U.S. $39
   Sephora, Nordstrom, Barneys New York, or shop

Some days we just need a little extra boost of glamour and there is no better way to achieve this than with a multi-use stick.This stick has won many beauty magazine awards and by the reviews we can tell why. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you are already gorgeous, but why not accentuate your amazing features.

We give The Multiple by Nars 2Kisses and a Wink, as well as our Smooch.

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Bargain-Three Winks
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We don’t like it- Frown

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