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Hottest Lip Balm Out

Luxury has met your lips with this fabulous lip balm from La Mer. If you need a product that you can use under your amazing lip color, we have found the perfect one for you. We want are lips to be smooth, soft and moisturized and there in no better way to achieve it than with this amazing lip balm by La mer. We can’t stand to see gorgeous women or handsome men with dry, flaky, peeling lips. Ladies and Gentlemen, please keep your lips looking up to par. We are going to show you just how to achieve moisturized lips with La Mer.
La Mer Lip Balm
v  Lips will feel as soft as butter
v  Luxury Lip Balm

 How to use La Mer Lip Balm
1.       Apply a small amount to your clean fingertip
2.       Rub fingertips together to warm lip balm
3.       Apply lip balm to your lips spreading evenly
4.       Follow with your favorite lipstick or lip gloss, or wear by itself for a nice natural shine.
U.S. $45 a little goes a long way
Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, or shop online at
Keep your lips moisturized at all times. This lip balm is amazing and many people swear by it. You have to try this great lip balm. If soft, smooth, and luscious lips is your goal La Mer is for you.
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