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Hair Repairing Collection

Our hair goes through so many changes everyday, especially when you apply any chemicals to it whatsoever. Chemicals can sometimes be very damaging to our hair especially if we do not apply them or use them properly. As you probably know a chemical is considered anything that permanently changes our natural hair state. We consider chemicals, hair color, hair relaxer,and of course a perm. These chemicals can all be very damaging if not applied properly or applied for too long. If you have damaged your hair from using chemicals, chlorine, or by not taking care of it properly, we (Kiss and Wink) have the perfect product for you today. These Products are by Carol’s Daughter from the Monoi Collection.We are going to tell you just what Monoi can do for you.
Carol’s Daughter Monoi Collection
This collections consist of shampoo, conditioner, and a repairing mask. Each product contains the hair repairing monoi oil.
What can Monoi oil do for your hair
  • Conditions every single hair stand from scalp to end.
  • Prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle and breaking
  • Smooths your hair cuticle to repair damage from over processing.
  • Prevents reoccurring damage by making hair stronger and creating more elasticity.
Carols Daughter Monoi Collection
These products work together to bring you a super hair repair collection. If you have damaged, over processed, overworked hair, use this product, you will think a miracle happened.
Who can use this collection
Can be used for anyone who is looking for soft, silky, healthy hair. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is straight or tightly curled this collection is for you.
Carol’s Daughter counter at several department stores,, or shop Sephora.
U.S. $18 -$29, less than $70 for the entire collection
We absolutely love Carol’s Daughter products and this collection is no different. This collection is made with no artificial colors, parabens, or any other harmful, drying agent to your hair. It is so important to keep your gorgeous locks looking luminous and this collection will help you out tremendously. We give it 2 Kisses and a Wink and a Smooch.
Try it and let us know if you love it as much as we do.

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