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Indulge In A Naughty But Nice Fragrance


A great fragrance is definitely a staple beauty item for Kiss and Wink. We love to smell amazing and we love when other people notice how great our perfume smells. Fragrance and perfume have a lot of benefits. They can relax your body, inspire confidence, improve your mood and much more. Surveys also show that we like members of the opposite sex to smell nice. So if you are going out on a date or there is a special someone you are into, you better make sure you smell amazing. Well ladies we have just the fragrance that will having everyone complimenting you. It’s by Givenchy and it’s called Ange Ou Demon Le Secret.

Ange Ou Demon Le Secret is a floral fragrance that lets you be a tad bit naughty and a tab bit nice all at the same time. This intriguing yet enticing scent is infused with top notes of lemon, green tea and cranberry, and heart notes of jasmine. peony and water flowers. Throw in base notes of white musk, blond woods and patchouli and you will hypnotize anyone that walks past you.                              


Location: Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and your local department store

Price: $53.00 – 1oz
           $75.00 – 1.7oz

Ange Ou Demon is an alluring and enticing fragrance. This mysterious fragrance is a must have. It’s sexy and seductive scent combines a unique combination of floral and fruity notes that linger on all day. We give Ange Ou Demon a Smooch and 2Kisses and a Wink.

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Our  Keys:
Bargain-Three Winks
Expensive but worth it-2Kisses and a Wink
We don’t like it- Frown

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…Ecclesiastes 9:10
Signed Kiss and Wink


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