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Do it yourself ultra moisturizing hair mask

Today we want to bring to you another homemade beauty secret. This one is for your hair. Since it is summer time there are multiple things that play a role in drying your hair out such as the sun, chlorine from the pool and other environmental factors. Our hair can easily dry out, become brittle, develop split ends and just look course and damaged making it hard to keep our locks in tip top shape at all times. While there are many excellent hair care treatments out there, we wanted to tell you about a homemade all natural hair mask that will leave your hair hydrated, nourished and ultra soft and manageable. Are you dying to know how to have great hair like that yet? Well in order to achieve gorgeous healthy hair you will need Olive Oil and an Avocado. Yes that’s right we want to tell you about an all natural homemade olive oil and avocado hair mask and all it’s wonderful benefits.

Avocados: They are rich with protein and vitamins that help hair to regain nutrition, shine, elasticity and body.

Olive Oil: It is ultra nourishing to your hair and instantly improves your hairs condition while adding strength.



                                  How to create the mask
                                    * 1 Avocado
                                    * 2-3 Tblsp of Olive Oil

Mash the avocado and olive oil together. Apply the product to hair from scalp to ends. Wrap hair in a plastic bag and let sit for an hour. After an hour rinse the mask and shampoo and style as normal.

                    Results from using this homemade hair treatment is
                                gorgeous, shiny and healthy locks.



Having gorgeous hair can be as simple as whipping together a few items in your kitchen. Who would have thought that avocado and olive oil would have such great nourishing benefits for your hair? If your hair needs a quick shot of moisture you should definitely try this hair mask. Let us know what you think.

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