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Kiss Kiss Liplift – Guerlain

Kiss Kiss Liplift

Who wants the perfect lips? I know We (Kiss and Wink)do. Sometimes having the perfect lip is all in the way you prep and prime them. Priming your lips can smooth and fill in lines while also helping to hold on your lip color. It also keeps your lip color from bleeding and feathering. A good lip primer will also help to plump up those gorgeous lips for that luscious head turning pout. Wearing a lip primer helps your lip color stay on longer in turn allowing for less touch ups which ultimately means that tube of lipstick will last you longer. Today we want to share with you a Lip primer by Guerlain called Kiss Kiss Liplift.

What is Kiss Kiss Liplift? A lip color primer and base treatment stick

What does Kiss Kiss Liplift doIt is an indispensable match for your lipstick, it’s the first smoothing base in a stick form that defines, smoothes, and plumps your lips, leaving them perfectly prepared for that lasting lipstick hold. The new formula includes micro beads that expands as soon as they are in contact with the natural moisture of our lips adding volume and contour.


Directions: Apply to bare clean lips. Then apply lipcolor over the primer.

Location: Sephora, your local department stores and

Price: $31.50 – 0.11oz


Give your lips the look of perfection with Kiss Kiss Liplift. This product does it all. It helps hold your color on longer, keep your lipstick from bleading and feathering into your lip lines and it also plumps your lips to pure perfection. We give this product 2Kisses and a Wink.


Check it out and let us know what you think.

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