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Fresh, Moisturized Skin With Olives.

Fresh, clean, moisturized skin is the only way to protect it against bacteria, blemishes, and acne. We also want to make sure that your skin is not over dry which can make it more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. If you are on a budget like many of us we have the perfect cleanser with the ingredients from the fantastic olive leaves that will keep your skin looking just the way you want it.

St. Ives Olive Cleanser

This cleanser will deep cleanse to remove all the days dirt’s and oils without stripping it. Your skin will feel fresh and clean just like it should. Olives leaves will hold in the necessary moisture that your face and neck needs. They will also heal dry, cracking, scaly skin.

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We have to give St. Ives moisturizing olive oil cleanser a smooch and three winks. Its for our ladies on a budget who still want their skin to look fabulous.

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Bargain-Three Winks
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We don’t like it- Frown

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