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Dermalogica All Over Clear spray

Not all of us are blessed to have perfectly clear skin. Some of us are prone to blemishes. Breaking out is extremely uncomfortable, not to mention it can make you feel insecure. Our faces are not the only place that we break out. Some of us are prone to blemishes on our chest, back and other places. Some places can be hard to reach making it difficult to treat the blemishes. Dermalogica has created an amazing mist that you spray all over the blemish prone area called All Over Clear. Clean Start All Over Clear helps to clear blemishes and prevent future break outs. Lets talk about what causes blemishes and how Clean Start All Over Clear works.

There are many factors out there that cause our skin to break out. Eating unhealthy greasy foods, stress, puberty, not properly cleaning and exfoliating your skin, constantly touching our face, environmental factors and much more. When we don’t cleanse our skin properly our sebaceous glands tend to produce more pore-clogging oil causes our skin to break out.


Clean Start All Over Clear Mist is an invigorating mist to control shine, clear up blemishes and keep your skin from future break outs. It is formulated with extracts that will never leave your skin dry or tight.

Directions: After cleansing skin spritz all over any acne prone areas. Allow to dry and absorb into skin.

Location: Ulta Beauty and

Price: $18.00 – 4oz


If you are acne prone we highly recommend you try this All Over Clear mist. It is a quick and easy way to clear up your skin and help keep it clear. We give this product a Smooch and Three Winks.

                 Check out All Over Clear and let us know what you think.

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