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Blackhead Miracle Remover

We have found this new facial wash that we can’t live without by our favorite drug store brand again. We can’t get enough of Olay brand products. Saying that they are amazing is an understatement. This products is gentle enough to use every day, but strong enough to tackle those nasty, disgusting blackheads that we all despise. Blackheads are very noticeable on your beautiful skin and can prevent it from looking smooth, clean, and soft. Olay Blackhead Clearing scrub is made with the acne fighting ingredient salicylic acid and we (Kiss and Wink) are going to tell you just why you need to run to the store to get this product.

What is a Blackhead?

Blackish colored bump on the skin that is caused by excessive oils that have built up. The liquid in these bumps consist of keratin and sebum(oil) which darkens and gets that black color after it hits oxygen.

Why Olay Blackhead Clearing Scrub?
  • salicylic acid treatment cleans deep into pores to remove blackheads, dirt, and oils
  • exfoliates and removes dead dry skin
  • Prevent future black heads from forming.
  • Prevents blemishes

So, don’t let those nasty oil filled bumps mess up your day, try this wonderful product by Olay that will keep your skin looking fresh and rejuvenated. We have stated this time and time again because we believe it is so important, please never go to bed without washing your face. We love all of you and want you looking great now and later. Try this miracle blackhead remover because we give it our Smooch of approval.

Ulta Beauty, CVS, Walgreens, Krogers, H.E.B. Target.
U.S. $6.99

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