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Lancome – High Resolution Eye Refill – 3x

We truly cannot stress enough the importance of properly caring for your delicate eyes. Remember the skin around your eyes is the most delicate skin on our face making it the most susceptible to aging. The skin around our eyes does not contain as many oil producing glands as the rest of our face, meaning that the area around our eyes requires a more intense moisturizer. This is why we stress the importance of using an eye cream on a daily basis. We know that there are many eye creams out there but Lancome has an excellent eye cream called High Resolution Eye Refill3X.

Lancome High Resolution Eye Refill – 3X is a triple action renewal anti-wrinkle cream.

How it works: This product contains triple anti-wrinkle power that refills wrinkles within an hour. With this cream your skin is able to gain it’s youthful elasticity and the skin around the eyes is more plump. Immediately upon use of this eye cream the contour of your eye appears smoother and in four weeks wrinkles appear to be reduced significantly.


Directions:  Pat in a circular motion all around the eye area morning and night.

Location: Sephora and the Lancome counter at your local department store.

Price: $57.50 – 0.5oz

We (Kiss and Wink) believe it is NEVER to early to start using advanced anti aging products. We should all be making an effort to keep our skin looking youthful and supple. We obtained a sample of this Lancome High Resolution Eye Refill and now we are hooked. We know that if you try it you will be hooked as well.

We give Lancome High Resolution Eye Refill – 3X a Smooch and 2Kisses and a wink.

Try this amazing eye cream and let us know if you love it as much as we do.

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Bargain-Three Winks
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