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Yesterday we told about what products are great for kids with curly hair, but today we want to tell you and show you about some amazing hairstyles for kids with tight curls, loose curls, waves, ringlets, and also straight hair. We want your kids to look great everyday. There are so many cute hairstyles out for kids and were talking 12 and under. We know that there are many single dads and moms out there. We also know how busy your schedule can get, so we want you to be able to fix your childs hair and make it last for as long as possible. Today we are going to give you some tips to keeping your child’s hair healthy and manageable. We are also going to show you some hairstyles that will surely make them feel better, but also keep them kids. So, here it is Dad’s and Mom’s everywhere (Kiss and Winks) kids hairstyle edition.

Taking Care of Your Childs Hair.

  • For curly hair never go more than a week without a wash, however if the childs hair gets dirty due to sand, chlorine, or dirt wash hair as soon as possible.
  • Straight hair tends to be more oily because the oil glands produce more frequently, so this type of hair needs to be washed more frequently to prevent build up.
  • When braiding your childs hair, they should never be tight. You should not see pulling of the skin or bumps around the childs hairline. Tight braids can cause alopecia(baldness) which can affect the child for the rest of their lives and you as the parent does not want to be the cause of this.
  • Comb hair with large tooth comb while wet to prevent breakage.
  • Try not to blowdry your childs hair, air drying is the best to prevent damage.
  • Never flat-iron or curl a childs hair or your hair for that matter while it is dirty.
  • Rubberbands can be damaging if they are to tight around the childs hair, use thick hair ties instead.
  • Always use a great moisturizing conditioner and shampoo.

Amazing Hairstyles for Kids

Twists put up into a side top and bottom ponytail too cute

side-part with an adorable clip

Keep it natural with a vibrant colored head band

We love these ponytails braided and connected to another ponytail

For your little boy keep it neat with a scissor cut

She looks so pretty with her bangs two ponytails curled at the end

cornrows with a beautiful bow and barrettes

twisties, but use hair ties instead of rubberbands, braid the ends. we love this

She is so adorable with her middle part, 2 barrettes, and natural hair
Try putting it in ponytails and two strand twisting the ends with vibrant colored barrettes

Get them used to haircuts early by getting a cute little boys bald fade.

We also love the natural curls

Let your little boy get a ceasar cut, sides #1or #2 blended and cut with the scissors on top
We just want to pinch her cheeks with her adorable ponytails and middle part

Try this style perfect for little girls. Put hair in a loose ponytail,
take the end of the ponytail and loop it through the hair that is
on top of the hair tie. Braid the end of the hair after it is looped through
and finish with a matching hair tie.

We love braids when not done to tight. This is so pretty cornrow the top half into two ponytails and cornrow the bottom half straight down.

With great products she has no frizz, side part her hair and use an vibrant colored clip.

Let her wear it down, but keep her looking like a little girl with a cute barrette.
Please let us know which one of these styles is your favorite for your child. Please follow the tips above so that your child can grow up with healthy, luxurious hair. We love your suggestions, so please keep them coming. We give all the above styles a Smooch.
Let us know if you have tried any of these and if you like them as much as we do. 

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