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Make Your Individual Eye Color "POP"

We (Kiss and Wink) have this time and time again, but we truly believe that our eyes can be one of our most stunning and beautiful features. When played up just right you can command the attention of everyone around you by simply batting your eyes. Today we want to talk about each individual eyecolor  and what color eye makeup will make them sparkle with brilliance.

BLUE EYES – Blue eyes are fun and many colors compliment them and make them truly “pop”. If you have blue eyes and want them to really stand out you should uses eyeshadow’s and eyeliner’s such as soft browns, Copper colors, Icy Pinks, Fuschias, shades of Greens and Grey and Silver metallic shades.

Cameron Diaz – as light brown and coppery shades to make the blue stand out

Taylor Swift has Deep Greys and Shiny Silvers on to make her blue eyes pop.

Katy Perry is wearing shades of green and silvers to make her eyes stand out.

BROWN EYES: For all my lovely Brown eyed gals