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CHI 44 Iron Guard

Protecting our hair from excessive heat plays a key role in keeping our hair healthy, shiny and full of life. We have talked about leave in hair conditioners and masques that repair damage and also protect against heat and other environmental factors that cause breakage, but we found another great product by CHI called 44 Iron Guard. We (Kiss and Wink) use either a flat iron, curling iron or blow dryer on our hair every day. We love to keep up with different styles, but trying to stay up to date can take a toll on our locks. Constant styling without some form of protection for your hair leads, to dry brittle hair, split ends, breakage, dullness and even loss of hair. Again We understand the importance of feeling good and looking your best which also means having great hair. We don’t want you to give up those cute styles we just want to be sure that everyone is protecting their hair appropriately. This my friends is where the CHI 44 Iron Guard comes into play.

CHI 44 Iron Guard
  * Thermal protectant for hair
  * Does not cause build up or weigh hair down
  * Perfect for use before, flat ironing, curling or blow drying hair

How and when to use:
       Blow drying: Spray Iron Guard through out wet hair. Apply styling products and blow dry as normal.
       Flat Ironing: Spray all over dry hair and flat iron as normal. If you prefer you can section hair off and spray each section before flat ironing.
       Curling: Spray all over hair and curl as normal. If you prefer you can section hair off and spray each section before curling.

Where can this product be located: Ulta Beauty, Local Salons, Professional hair care section of HEB and Walmart  and Target as well as Walgreens and CVS.

Price: $13.99

Learn more about this product by visiting

Now we have another great product that will allow us to keep up those cute sassy hairstyles without all the damage and breakage from the heat of our styling tools. The CHI 44 Iron Guard is a convenient and easy step that will help protect your hair from unecessary damage. Just spray it on and style away!

We give this product a Smooch and Three Winks.

Let us know if you tried CHI 44 Iron Guard and if you love it as much as we do, talk to you soon 
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