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Ralph Lauren Cologne Collection for MEN

Men, we can’t stress enough how much a women loves it when her men not only takes cares of himself, but also smells great. So we are going to tell you about one of the top selling cologne collections out just for men. Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection #1.
Ralph Lauren Big Pony Collection #1
This scent will literally have women turning their heads to ask you what you are wearing. It is extremely fresh smelling with its manly notes of lime, and several other sporty smelling ingredients. Many women love that rugged sporty men even though we won’t admit it and this cologne will have you smelling just like one. Men trust us when we tell you that this collection needs to be a part of your cologne collection.

1.4 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

2.5 oz Eau de Toilette Spray

Locate it one the attached amazon link or at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and several other department stores.

Almost every women loves Idris Alba and when we think of this cologne we think of Idris, so of course we have to give this sporty rugged smelling cologne our Smooch.

Our Keys:
Bargain-Three Winks
Expensive but worth it-2Kisses and a Wink
We don’t like it- Frown

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…Ecclesiastes 9:10

Signed Kiss and Wink
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