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See What Body Shape You Have And Learn To Dress For It

What kind of body shape do you have? It’s important to know what kind of shape you have in order to know how to dress. It’s very important to dress for your shape. You want to wear clothes that flatter your shape and compliment your best assets, not take away. So keep reading and let us be your guide to to dressing for your shape.

Hour Glass Shape

What to wear:
Those with an hour glass shape are full on top, small waisted and full on the bottom as well. The best styles for those with hourglass shapes are fitted clothes that show off your curves. Fitted tops, corset tops, fitted wrap over jumpsuits, and belted outfits, shorter fitted blazers and wrap around dresses that hug your body really accentuate your curves and look amazing on you.

What to avoid:
Hour glass shaped woman should avoid wearing boxy style and empire waist clothing. These styles hit your chest and then flair out not showing off your thin waist line and can make you appear larger than what you are. You should also avoid dresses that are just straight up and down.

Apple Shape:

What to wear:

Apple shapes carry their weight mostly above the waist and in their tummy. They tend to have to have large breast with narrow hips and thinner legs. Loose cottons and flowing silks work well with this shape. You also want to wear darker clothes with small patterns, it gives the illusion of length rather than width. Wearing shorter skirts and shorts take away from your tummy and draw attention to your legs. Also tunic style tops work great for your shape.

What to avoid:
You definitely want to avoid anything that brings attention to your tummy such as pants with pleats or pockets near the waist. Clingy, tight fitting clothes are also not the best choice for your figure.

Pear Shapes

What to wear:
Pear shapes carry the majority of their weight in their lower body (hips, thighs and booty). You tend to have small to medium chest, narrow shoulders and a narrow waist line. You should definitely opt for tops with wider and a tab bit low necklines as this will accentuate your slim top half.Halter tops look great on you as well. High waisted pants and trouser pants are ideal for this shape as they fit well on the butt and thigh area and draw attention to your defined waist line. Curve hugging dresses and skirts look amazing on your shape as well.

What to avoid:
Pear shaped woman will want to avoid wearing A line, flowing skirts and these can lend to make your bottom half look larger and don’t accentuate your amazing waist line. Also avoid round neck or square neck shirts and V necks work best for your shape.

Inverted Triangle Shape:
What to wear:
The inverted triangle shape are top heavy chicks. They tend to have large breast and narrow hips. A line skirts look great on this shape as they give you the appearance of a waist and allow you to have a more curvaceous look. Flat front, non pleated pants look great on you. Flared or wide legged jeans look good to as they help to proportion our your body. Dresses and skirts with a shorter hem line help draw the eye away from your bust.

What to avoid:
Stay away from shirts that are too tight as they can make your chest look overwhelming and shirts that are too baggy can make you look heavy. You want to avoid pencil skirts and skin tight jeans as they can draw to much attention to your bust. Wear clothes that help balance you out.

Sporty Shape

What to wear:
Sporty figures tend to have broad shoulders, and broad chest (not neccesarily large breast). A sporty shape is more of a shape shape with out a small waist and large hips or chest. You look best in scoop necks and V neck tops as they take away from the broadness of your shoulders. Add some width to your hips with A line skirts or flared legged pants. This will help to balance your shoulders. Fitted jackets and tops help you to create a waist and clothes with flairs look great on your shape.

What to avoid:
Clothes that are just straight up and down are not best for this shape. Add some width with clothes that are flowing or flair out.

Once you know what your body shape you will know how to dress to compliment your body. Determine you body shape and update your wardrobe with clothes and accentuate your best features.

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