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Unwrinkle Potion

Today we are targeting are beautiful woman with mature skin. If you are starting to see those deep wrinkles set into your face and neck, we have just the thing for you. It’s an expensive wrinkle cream, but it delivers phenomenal results.

   Peter Roth UnWrinkle Turbo Face Serum
                    Un-Wrinkle® Turbo Face Serum

UnWrinkle Turbo Face Serum is a anti wrinkle serum that targets those deep wrinkles while it delivers youthful radiant skin without dramatic treatments. This highly potent formula delivers drasctic results to the 6 most common wrinkles and facial expression lines, forehead wrinkles, eleven lines, scrunch creases on the nose, parentheses, pout lines, and marionette lines. (eleven lines are the lines between your eyebrows, parentheses lines are your laugh lines, and marionette lines are deep lines that run from the corner of your mouth to your chin.)


Directions: apply serum twice a day to a clean face

Location: Ulta Beauty, local department stores,, and Sephora

Price: $150.00

Results from product usage after 4 weeks:
A four-week consumer study revealed: – 94% reported a reduction in the appearance of forehead wrinkles
– 94% reported a reduction in the appearance of pout lines
– 91% reported a reduction in the appearance of “eleven” lines
– 91% reported a reduction in the appearance of nose “scrunch” lines
– 91% reported a improvement in the appearance of naso-labial lines
– 79% reported a reduction in the appearance of marionette lines

Ladies if you have more mature skin with deeper wrinkles and you are not looking to have any abrasive procedures done then this Serum is for you. It is expensive but it is worth it. Check it out and let u know what you think.

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