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Rebellious Smokey Eyes

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Smokey Eyes are an absolutely timeless, gorgeous look that will NEVER go out of style. You can have the smokey eye look for a night on the town, a hot date, girls night out, church, work or even a casual day of shopping. Smokey eye makeup really makes your beautiful eyes stand out even more. This Spring the smokey eyes is inevitably on trend as it always is. Remember you can have smokey eyes using any color you desire, it doesn’t have to be the usual black and grey. We have a few steps we want to share with you to help you get that Rebellious Smokey Eye look.

Step 1 – Prep
Apply concealer under the eyes to cover dark circles and other imperfections.

Step 2 – Prime
Add some eye primer to your lids to help your eyeshadow stay in place and not crease.

Step 3 – Color
Take you favorite deep eyeshadow color and apply it to your lids from your lash line to your crease.

Step 4 – Smoke
Blend another shadow color into the creases with a shadow brush. Color should be darkest at the lash line and then diffuse it out. Spread with your fingers and smudge the shadow for that smooth smokey look.

Step 5 – Finish
Apply a few coats of your favorite mascara.


We have laid out 5 quick and easy steps to help you get that fabulous Rebellious Smokey Eye look. Let your eyes make a statement with this look and let us know what you think.


We give Rebellious Smokey Eyes a SMOOCH!!

377666_Free Shipping Sitewide. Use Code: GANFS


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